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About B-Synergy 

Over 12 years ago B-Synergy started with a mission: to make SAP adaptable to the needs of each company. To achieve this, B- Synergy uses technology such as the OutSystems LowCode platform and the WaveMaker LowCode platform, but also Google Flutter. SAP and OutSystems have been our partners for more than a decade and integration between LowCode and SAP is one of our specializations. On this website you will find all the information you need about our services and products.

Innovation B-Synergy


IT Innovation is at the core of B-Synergy. When digital transformation starts to enter your business, the ultimate goal is to turn IT into a profit centre, rather than to see it as a cost centre. Of course, automating your business administration will save time and therefore money, but what if your IT innovation starts to generate money?

Challenge us with your innovative ideas; don’t let people tell you they are not feasible because you don’t have the budget, the technology or the people. Challenge us to see if we can come up with an offer you can’t resist! We can help you realize innovative solutions that will generate more money than you have budget to save for!

B-Synergy believes in facts not in marketing rhetorics, therefore we do a lot of our own research, mainly in the SAP OutSystems Arena. This has led to in-depth expertise of SAP ECC, SAP HANA and multiple LowCode platforms. B-Synergy developers love scanning the IT market for new technologies that can be of value to our customers. Hence, we have undertaken successful projects that combined SAP OutSystems with emotion recognition, predictive maintenance, speech to text, and a lot more. 

LowCode B-Synergy

LowCode expertise

B-Synergy has been an elite OutSystems Partner in the Netherlands for over 10 years. During this time we have gained experience in a multitude of areas. Many projects have been delivered successfully in Logistics, Utilities, Wholesale, Production, and Energy Service Providers to name but a few.

We also maintain a partnership with WaveMaker and we have a lot of expertise in development with Flutter, because we believe in customatization and the importance of choice for our clients. They are our biggest fans and will happily provide references either by phone or face- to-face. Who better to talk to about B-Synergy and our team than our delighted customers?

Are you looking for LowCode advice? Search no further.

SAP: a strong and powerful core

SAP ERP has been the steady software basis of many companies around the world. It is both powerful and complex. This can, however, lead to potential bottlenecks when it comes to changing business processes. Additions to SAP’s IT landscape make it even more complex, rather than bringing solutions closer. Furthermore, a seemingly simple change often requires a considerable number of IT experts who do not ease company communications. With the involvement of the B-synergy team, this process will be guided, transparent and calculable.


B-Synergy works with an international team based on nearshoring. With headquarters in the Netherlands, we work with the best people for each situation. Each team works with a core flexible layer of specialists, and expertise is added to the team when needed. The team also encourages customer input by welcoming their contributing team members. It adds a lot of value when a developer, as well as the product owner, is a full-time member of the team, as it increases commitment and ownership significantly. The customer then benefits as minor changes on the platform can be completed in-house, making the customer less dependent on any OutSystems Partner.

B-synergy local team


B-Synergy is the expert on combining SAP with OutSystems. With extensive knowledge and expertise of both systems, we can translate your requirements into solutions. We can connect your SAP ERP systems securely using ODATA, The SAP .NET connector or the new connector for S/4HANA.

If your business is within the SAP Plant Maintenance arena you should ask us for a demo of the out-of-the-box Mobilized SAP Plant Maintenance solution. B-Synergy also offers packaged e-commerce software that is fully integrated with SAP ECC or SAP HANA. This software, built on the OutSystems LowCode platform, offers customer specific real-time pricing.

We work with off-the-shelf modules for proven integrated scenarios SAP PM and SAP SD, but they all integrate directly with SAP MM Purchasing and SAP HR modules. Need a fully functional B2B SAP webshop? Give us a call and two weeks time!  
SAP and OutSystems: Let’s Synergize.

technology and partners


OutSystems partner

B-Synergy started 12 years ago with a mission: "make SAP ECC adaptable to the needs of any business quickly." This was unachievable within SAP itself and led to B-Synergy rigorously testing 23 different platforms to find the perfect solution. OutSystems was the last one tested and the only one that met B-synergy's high standards.

This was the start of a close partnership between B-Synergy and the OutSystems LowCode platform.
wavemaker lowcode

WaveMaker partner

WaveMaker is a leading Java LowCode platform that helps professionals build modern, scalable and secure software products and applications quickly. WaveMaker's mission is to equip programmers with a flexible open LowCode platform that can provide abstraction and increase the results of core software development teams. B-Synergy has proven experience with SAP-WaveMaker integrations; in fact, WaveMaker itself depends on B-Synergy expertise to support their SAP integration. B-Synergy is the most experienced partner in the SAP LowCode domain.  
flutter technology

Flutter development

Flutter is Google’s free UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.

Flutter's hot reload helps you to experiment quickly and easily, and to build UIs, add features and fix bugs faster. Experience sub-second reload times, without losing state, on emulators, simulators and hardware for iOS and Android.

If you are paying a fortune just to host a mobile app on a LowCode Platform, make sure to contact us. B-Synergy can help you reduce cost and improve app performance by using Flutter.

What do customers think of us?

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Job van Riel, Beeztees

"We want to unlock SAP data with OutSystems to support our customers and our processes. B-Synergy helps us throughout the process from concept to realization. In our years of working together, B-Synergy has proven to be a reliable partner with knowledge of the system, who also supports our organization."

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Peter van Steenselen, Joulz Energy Services 

"B-Synergy helped Joulz with making enormous steps in developing our primary business progresses. Their positive attitude and innovative way of thinking took us to the next level and I am sure even further in the near future."

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Henk Dijk, Driela Management Services

"B-Synergy represents everything Erwin wants out of life. Commitment, sharing pain and fun, delivering quality to the highest standards, an 'enfant terrible' in sticking to its vision, beliefs and personal power, which it can actualize, time and time again. B-Synergy is really that ambitious, angry young man that every company should want to work with."

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Egbert van Gelder, Promedico

"Promedico has worked together with B-Synergy with great admiration for their knowledge, experience and network. B-Synergy is a real driving force that is constantly working to facilitate the next process step."
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B-Synergy is always looking for new talent.

B-Synergy is always looking for new talent.