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B-Synergy started 10 years ago with a mission: "Make SAP ECC adaptable to the needs of any business quickly."
This was unachievable within SAP itself and led to B-Synergy rigorously testing 23 different platforms to find the perfect solution. OutSystems was the last one tested and the only one meeting B-synergy's high standards.

This was te start of a close partnership between B-Synergy and the OutSystems LowCode Platform, resulting in B-Synergy winning the "Partnership of the year" award in 2015 and 2017.

During this journey, B-Synergy and OutSystems have developed a mutual exchange of knowledge on SAP-OutSystem Integration and skills leading to an ever-closer understanding between the two companies.

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B-Synergy: OutSystems Partner in both 2015 & 2017
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