Maintenance Tool
Stedin is the largest grid operator in the Randstad, where crowded urban areas depend on electricity for living, working and living. There was a need for a better #Maintenance Management System (OHBS) on the one hand and an efficient #Outside Service Application (BDA) on the other. These two challenges were tackled together with B-Synergy with successful results:

- An enormous saving on maintenance costs > 15% in 3 years
- Better predictable long-term maintenance plans > Risk spread
- Reduced risk of suddenly requiring extra capacity of maintenance staff > Flatter planning
- The Maintenance Management System at one central location used by field staff, developers and planners.
- Fewer errors in the field during maintenance work.
- Saves time on administrative work.
- Integration with SAP; automatic order status update.

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Employees / Leading HR dashboard

Simplifying and digitizing SAP HR and hard-copy processes. Using OutSystems, an application is built to ease the previously extensive work around hard-copy processes  and documentation. Digitized processes are: request for leave; management of bank details, working hours/holiday hours purchase and sale, address details, personal data, declarations, submission for request secondary working conditions and salary details.
The requests and changes submitted, may be accepted by the supervisor, tasks may be linked and, for example, replacement can be linked in the absence of the permanent employee.
In addition, a back office application was built for the HR staff in which the handling of digitally received requests was simplified, including the use of smart filters.
These applications include SAP HR and Sharepoint integrations for document storage. 
SAP – OutSystems Integration

TNO chose on advice of B-Synergy for a strategic deployment of the OutSystems Platform integrated with SAP ECC. With the introduction of a project approach according to the Scrum framework, this resulted in the successful delivery of composite applications that directly match the needs of the business.
On behalf of TNO, B-Synergy has developed a composite application in which all HR services can be registered, prioritized and executed. The application is integrated with SAP ECC and Sharepoint. In addition to a Workflow application in which HR staff perform their daily work, a complete document management system has also been provided for automatically generating more than 600 different document types filled with unique data from SAP. The result for the business is efficient, clear HR service and a direct reduction in lead times and manpower.
E-commerce platform

The automation range of the order process expanded into a project in which Beeztees decided to develop a completely new Omnichannel ecommerce platform for retailers with OutSystems Platform in collaboration with IT partner B-Synergy.
The extensive application developed by B-Synergy for Beeztees with OutSystems is an omniscan e-commerce platform that includes product, stock, price and order information. The b2b webshop is a combination of OutSystems technology with active SAP integration. Beeztees migrated to the OutSystems Enterprise for SAP platform. This enterprise edition with cloud deployment provides special SAP connectors that make it easy to access SAP data for web and mobile applications. The comprehensive database of product and customer data is now available as a fully manageable front end for optimum ease of use.
The price functionality offered by Beeztees's e-commerce platform deserves extra attention: "In the prices our customers see, individual and temporarily price agreements have been processed. Beeztees can easily implement price adjustments, so that every customer always sees the correct prices for each product. We have achieved this dynamic price list with updates per customer thanks to special features in OutSystems Platform.”
Evaluation tool

For Almatis, B-Synergy has developed an HR evaluation application in Outsystems, making paper evaluations past. It also offers better reporting and management capabilities, where they were created in the past through Excel Templates. In addition, the organization needs to measure results so that it can be anticipated. This is made possible through the application.
Innovative applications

For Puratos, B-Synergy has developed an very innovative and classified application as a PoC with Outsystems. The pilot has proven to be a great success and is being continued as an important project within the company.
In addition, there are several other innovative projects planned, some labeled as classified.
Malfunction Management application

For Odfjell, B-Synergy build an Malfunction Management application (web + mobile) as a PoC project with OutSystems, on top of SAP. Co-workers in the field needed to report  malfunctions or unusualities, but that was an unwieldy process. With the new app, notifications can be registered using the mobile app, trough tag scan or input via speech. Using the web application, all malfunctions can be processed, prioritized and reports will generated.
Mergers & Acquisitions Applications

B-Synergy has been working with NXP’s Merges & Acquisitions Department for a long time. A range of applications have been developed, most applications relate directly to division and merge companies where different HR data from different sources must be normalized in OutSystems. In addition, there are integrations with financial, NDA and cloud environments where specially developed OutSystems applications serve as the central portal for user integrations. Integrations with SAP, Clicktime, Echosign, Intralinks and external databases have been made.
Field Service Automation Application

A field service automation application has been built for carrying out Utilities inspections in the field by the mechanics. Until now, reports were made on paper and the processing took time and effort. Joulz Energy Solutions wanted to convert this process into a user-friendly, efficient and intelligent application. Integration with SAP have been made to avoid cumbersome work.

Maintenance Management System application

An application designed to manage and maintain assets, to locate functional locations, inspection activities with associated inspection points and the creation of new inspections.
Joulz Meetbedrijf

An employee module for employees in build, containing details of employees of both Joulz Energy Solutions and Joulz Meetings. One of the core issues of this application is the strict password policy.

B-Synergy has built an application on behalf of Totally-Tuned, of Erwin Steijlen, where musicians can upload, share and judge their- and each other's music as an important part of their innovative masterclass to become a paid artist. An integration with Sound Cloud has been made for this application.
Guidance selection process

B-Synergy assisted Promedico during her search for the platform that is the best fit for their current IT landscape and future plans. B-Synergy has assisted Promedico on request in translating their plans into the possibilities per platform, including reference visits, knowledge- and trial sessions organized by partner companies of the different platforms.
Based on the accumulated knowledge, B-Synergy has accompanied Promedico to make a well-founded decision.
At the same time, B-Synergy has deliberately renounced in advance that when Promedico decides that OutSystems is the right platform for them, at least the first project will be done by another OutSystems partner then B-Synergy.
Internal projects
Online mastering
 An internal team is continuously building an application that makes it possible to master music online.

SAP Development: direct/indirect access 
Behind the scenes, a SAP development team is continuously working on innovative solutions based on SAP and OutSystems. They have, for example, built a solution for the challenges SAP users face regarding Authorization and Authentication. Our team has build a solution to avoid the problems companies faces with SAP’s regulations regarding direct/indirect access. This solution is exclusively available for our customers. 
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