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2x OutSystems Partner of the year!

SAP-OutSystems, B-Synergy's partner, started 10 years ago with a mission: "to make SAP ECC quickly adaptable to the needs of any business".

This was unachievable within SAP itself and it led to B-Synergy rigorously testing 23 different platforms to find the perfect solution. OutSystems was the 23rd platform tested and the only one that could meet the high standards of B-Synergy.

That was the start of a close partnership between B-Synergy and OutSystems LowCode Platform.

During this journey, B-Synergy and OutSystems have developed a mutual exchange of knowledge on SAP-OutSystem Integration and skills leading to an ever-closer understanding between the two companies.


The way we work: be refined

B-Synergy always works according to BRM: B-Synergy’s Refinement Methodology.

It is a self-developed methodology based on years of experience and extended knowledge of different forms of project methods. It is a guideline for Agile Development of composite applications: B-Synergy’s best-practice method for BI-modal integration projects.

By working via this method, B-Synergy delivers products on-time and on-budget. There is total transparency and commitment between IT, business and stakeholders.

Application and Integration Architecture are designed at an early stage for changes regarding scalability, performance and future maintenance.


Off-the-shelf SAP solutions with OutSystems LowCode

Due to the hyper-growth with OutSystems and LowCode there are many OutSystems Partners available, but only few have proven experience with SAP-OutSystems integrations. Of all the SAP-OutSystems Partners, B-Synergy is its most experienced Partner in the SAP domain. Where other OutSystems Partners still need to determine best practices to integrate with SAP, B-Synergy has been apply these practices for almost 10 years. In this time, B-Synergy has created many off-the-shelf software packages to fit SAP Processes.

Our customers are the ones who benefit! B-Synergy is able to deliver SAP solutions at a fraction of the cost of running a full development project with OutSystems Partners that are not SAP focused.    

We offer off-the-shelf packaged software available for integration with SAP PM module or the SAP SD module. A fully mobilized SAP PM solution can be rolled out in two weeks, or a fully integrated B2B webshop, also for retail, includingan app for scanning products in shops. Be sure to visit the SAP Plant Maintenance or the SAP e-commerce sites before you commence a large, expensive OutSystems development project.

Our customers, partners and projects 

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