Plan easily  and  efficiently  with  the  capacity  scheduler

Making plans for your maintenance team using SAP requires some skills and knowledge. As a result, the planning functionality is rarely used. Even non-digital planning, on paper or on a whiteboard, is far from ideal. That is why B-Synergy developed the Capacity Planning functionality within the B-Synergy Plant Maintenance Platform. This is a user-friendly and intuitive tool that can be used by anyone to plan easily and efficiently.

How does it work?

Maintenance Capacity planning in the Workorder Scheduler makes assigning Plant Maintenance Orders to your maintenance team very easy. The Plant Maintenance Platform is fully integrated with SAP. Personal data, such as absence, working hours or qualifications, are taken into account by SAP. In the scheduler you can see an up-to-date overview of available employees by day and work centre. You can drag and drop an operation easily from the list of released Plant Maintenance Orders to the scheduler. This operation then disappears from the list. When an operation is removed from the scheduler, it will reappear on the list of operations to be planned.

Your planner has a direct overview of which operations their colleagues are working on. By clicking the operation, they can view the details or, for example, add a note or work instruction. Would your employees still like a schedule on paper? With one click an overview is printed.

sap plant maintenance capacity scheduler

Advantages of the Capacity Scheduler

- One clear planning overview for all your technicians

- Fully integrated with SAP

- Easy to plan and adjust with drag & drop functionality

- User-friendly and intuitive design that can be used by anyone

- Possibility of printing the schedule

- Customizable view, specific to your needs

- Interactive search functionality

- Access to Plant Maintenance Order details by clicking the operation.