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Career opportunities 

Education and innovation are key factors within B-Synergy.

B-Synergy was one of the first OutSystems Partners and all our developers are certified and experienced OutSystems professionals. Some began working straight after school, while others have more than 10 years of experience with OutSystems, SAP, .NET and/or Java.

Along with education, B-Synergy also invests in innovation. Driven by curiosity, some of the team members are working on innovative projects with either OutSystems, SAP or other technologies.

All customers benefit from this curiosity and the results can even become part of their own project.

The team is the key to B-Synergy’s success!

Together we are B-Synergy. We are a close-knit group of people who share a number of qualities: passion, entrepreneurship, commitment, our own specialty and humour. 

Rowena, OutSystems developer:

"The people of B-Synergy are the heart and the identity of the company, which makes you feel proud to be part of this family. I am part of one big team where I am respected, valued and have the freedom to express myself. We support and motivate each other to get the best out of ourselves and to create awesome products that we can be proud of. And B-Synergy also supports and motivates me by giving me the freedom to work flexible hours and from home; but most of all, by giving me a work environment in a cosy, authentic and welcoming atmosphere where it is understood that there is more to life than just work."