Charise Walraven

OutSystems Developer

What is your experience with B-Synergy?

My experience working with B-Synergy has been an eye opener because it's the first time a company I've worked for has actually listened to what I have to say and has prioritized my development alongside their own. Many companies will treat their employees as a means to an end, but at B-Synergy the happiness of employees is always taken into account.

What has B-Synergy done for you?

B-Synergy has helped me to raise the bar for all future employers. Now when I go to another company, nice colleagues won't be enough to convince me to work there. I have to feel as though they are also going to support me and listen to me while I am working for them. B-Synergy has also helped me to grow and learn more about the technologies that I am interested in.

What is the difference between working in South Africa and the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands you have more rights as a worker, and I have personally found that the people are more laid back and the companies treat you better.

Do you think B-Synergy is flexible? Why?

Yes! They really take into account what works best for both you and the company and any prospective clients. Earlier this year I took a 3 month sabbatical and went to Spain to learn some Spanish. When I came back I still had a job with B-Synergy, I don't know if I could have done that with another company without quitting.

What does someone from South Africa need to know about working in the Netherlands?

You will likely cycle a lot, and drink really good beers!

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