Almatis | SAP Mobile Plant Maintenance


For Almatis, Incentro developed a HR evaluation application in OutSystems that makes paper evaluations history. It also offers better reporting and management capabilities, compared to the previous system of using Excel templates. In addition, the organization needed to measure results to be able to make informed decisions, a process that this application also facilitates.

OutSystems SAP Integrations with SAP HR was rolled out as a standard package to speed up solution delivery.

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Incentro implemented their Mobile Plant Maintenance solution for SAP in a record time of six weeks. It created three SAP apps for SAP PM that are part of the plant maintenance platform: a mobile app for notification creation that includes a full technical structure to create notifications both online and offline; a tablet app that can be used to perform the full SAP PM workflow and includes notification creation functionality; and a web app that has notification functionality and work-order functionality, but also offers a planboard to schedule SAP work-orders in real-time by clicking and dragging on a visual planboard. All functions are connected with SAP and integrated with SAP MM in real-time.
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