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Royal Vopak is a tank storage company for chemicals, oil and gasses with a worldwide network of terminals. This innovative company is in the process of digitization, with the aim of working more quickly, efficiently and safely. Three years ago, Vopak launched a major operation: the transition to a new ERP solution built on OutSystems.

Among other things, Vopak chose to work with B-Synergy because our companies share a people-focused mentality. Moreover, B-Synergy has the experience in OutSystems that Vopak was looking for. As a member of the Vopak technical team, our employees handle a wide range of technical issues, from optimization to the implementation of new functions.

Digitization controls storage process

OutSystems Developer Ricardo Romero says, "One of the projects I carried out for Vopak was the digitization of the controls during the storage process. Safety comes first at Vopak. In order to guarantee a safe, correct process, checks are carried out at various points during the transport of products from ships to storage tanks. Until now, these checks were carried out by employees. Vopak wanted to automate this process and take the work out of their hands. B-Synergy facilitated this wish. We provided a safe and accurate solution where the checks take place automatically, which saves time and costs."

Automatic planning infrastructure and machines

OutSystems developer Tim Lokers also works on projects for Vopak. "By automating, Vopak gains more insight into its processes and can work more efficiently. A good example of this is the automatic planning of the infrastructure and machines used to transfer oil. Previously, employees determined which infrastructure and machines were used after the arrival of a ship, but now this is done
automatically before arrival. This is not only easier, but also saves a lot of time."

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