Rapid implementation: up  and  running  within  a month 

The B-Synergy Plant Maintenance Platform distinguishes itself by its fast implementation, , among other things, thanks to it being built with the LowCode platform OutSystems. Within a month after the first demo you can use our software and benefit from all the advantages our Plant Maintenance Platform has to offer.

How does the implementation of the platform work?

1. Curious about our Plant Maintenance Platform? We would be happy to visit you for a demonstration. We will give you a look at the system of one of our customers and show you how they have implemented it.

2. Are you excited? Then we can offer you a proof of concept (PoC) on your own development or test system. You can then use your own data to experience for yourself how the Plant Maintenance Platform can work for you.

3. The rollout of the standard software packages are followed by a number of specific configurations, with which we adapt the system to the unique situation of your company.

4. In addition to configuring all functionalities of the platform, ensuring a secure connection to your SAP system is also an important part of our work. In total, this first-plant package roll-out takes two to three weeks.

5. If you are convinced by the platform and all its advantages, we will implement your specific requirements by modifying the code accordingly.

6. The final step in the process is the global roll-out of the platform for all your plants and users worldwide.

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Software as a Service (SaaS), with extra benefits

B-Synergy offers the Plant Maintenance Platform based on 'Software as a Service'. You take out a licence, after which you can use the platform. Unlike other Software as a Service solutions, we offer a number of extras. The licence includes continuous proactive monitoring of the system, as well as a number of hours of reactive and perfective maintenance. The fact that multiple companies use our platform and everyone can come up with new ideas or improvements benefits the entire user community. This is the synergy from which everyone benefits.

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