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B-Synergy started 12 years ago with a mission: to make SAP ECC quickly adaptable to the needs of any business. 

This has not changed, but what has moved on is time, which has caused so many great products to evolve, many of them in the LowCode area. What we noticed is that although LowCode is a great concept, and of the LowCode platforms OutSystems is still the best, some solutions are better being built in a traditional way. Particularly on mobile devices, we see that native development is sometimes preferable to LowCode development.

Let's be honest: when LowCode does not outperform traditional coding, or even stalls because of technical debt or a lack of organizational support,  and taking in to account the high price of LowCode solutions, there is still room for traditional coding. This is why OutSystems Partner B-Synergy has also adopted Flutter to connect to OutSystems. Flutter apps connected to the OutSystems platform offers the best of both worlds: robust, manageable business applications and the highest quality UX on mobile and tablet for your business or customer.

Flutter started as an experiment by members of the Chrome browser team at Google. The team experimented with speeding up rendering by ignoring the traditional model of the layout used on current web engines. It was presented at the 2015 Dart developer summit. The first version of Flutter was known as “Sky”. It ran on the Android operating system, with the stated intent of being able to render consistently at 120 fps. 


Google Flutter

Flutter is Google’s free UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web and desktop from a single codebase.

Flutter's hot reload helps you to experiment quickly and easily, and to build UIs, add features and fix bugs faster. Experience sub-second reload times, without losing state, on emulators, simulators and hardware for iOS and Android.

If you are paying a fortune just to host a mobile app on a LowCode Platform, make sure to contact us. B-Synergy can help you reduce cost and improve app performance by using Flutter.

How much does a Flutter app cost? Well, nothing: Flutter is a free and open source. Companies like Alibaba and Tencent have Flutter as their platform of choice for their apps, and B-Synergy is delivering Flutter apps both on OutSystems or stand alone. Why don't you give us a call to see what's possible? 

SAP HANA certificate


SAP is been a trusted brand for ERP systems, but it is not specifically good in web and app development. Fiori is very limited, but it can be extended easily with OutSystems and/or Flutter apps.

We have already tested S/4HANA and can comfortably tell you that S/4HANA will not offer a revolution in ERP. What will change is the architecture surrounding integrations, from both a contract as well as a technical perspective.

Don't worry; B-Synergy is the perfect technology partner to provide you with all the knowledge you need. Read about it on the SAP-OutSystems website where we have a collection of knowledge provided in relation to SAP-OutSystems integrations. 


Off-the-shelf SAP solutions with OutSystems LowCode

OutSystems is renowned within LowCode development. With the hyper-growth in OutSystems and LowCode there are many OutSystems Partners available, but only few have proven experience with SAP-OutSystems integrations. Of all the SAP-OutSystems Partners, B-Synergy is its most experienced Partner in the SAP domain. Where other OutSystems Partners still need to determine best practices to integrate with SAP, B-Synergy has used them for almost 10 years. In this time, B-Synergy created many off-the-shelf software packages to fit SAP processes.

And so our customers benefit! B-Synergy is able to deliver SAP solutions at a fraction of the cost of running a full development project with OutSystems Partners that are not SAP focused.    

We offer off-the-shelf packaged software available for integration with SAP PM module or the SAP SD module. A fully mobilized SAP PM solution can be rolled out in two weeks, or a fully integrated B2B webshop, also for retail that includes an app for scanning products in shops. Be sure to visit the SAP Plant Maintenance or the  SAP e-commerce sites before you commence a large, expensive OutSystems development project.

Is OutSystems new to your company? Don't hesitate to ask us for a free demo, or maybe even a one-day, free proof of concept. You can give LowCode a try, see what it can do for your business or maybe even develop that simple app for your business that will have a huge impact.
wavemaker lowcode

WaveMaker LowCode

Open LowCode Platform 

WaveMaker is a leading Java LowCode platform that helps professionals build modern, scalable and secure software products and applications quickly. Founded by a team of Java middleware technology experts, WaveMaker's mission is to equip programmers with a flexible low-code platform that can provide abstraction and increase the results of core software development teams. Wavemaker partners are not readily available in Europe. B-Synergy has proven experience with SAP-WaveMaker integrations; in fact, WaveMaker itself depends on B-Synergy expertise to support their SAP integration. B-Synergy is the most experienced partner in the SAP LowCode domain.  

We offer an off-the-shelf LowCode connector available for integration with SAP PM module or the SAP SD module. Our SAP PM platform can be delivered in WaveMaker LowCode to reduce licence cost significantly - check the website for all the SAP PM features.

Is LowCode new to your company? We are happy to offer you a WaveMaker demo, or maybe even a on- day, free proof of concept. You can give LowCode a try, see what it can do for your business, or maybe even develop that simple app for your business that will have  a huge impact.

Why don't you give WaveMaker a try? Dutch speakers can find more information on the WaveMaker LowCode website.
Certified Mendix Developers


SAP RAD by Mendix

Mendix is the LowCode Platform of choice for many SAP customers. The collaboration between SAP and Mendix benefits customers. Out-Of-The-Box templates for SAP FIORI can be used to speed up development around SAP without touching the core of SAP itself.   

B-Synergy has certified LowCode developers that are certified in Mendix but also have lots of experience integrating SAP with LowCode and RAD platforms. We can set up your principal propagation with SAP and we have tools to manage your integration.