B-synergy SAP-LowCode bureau

Streamline your sales with the Sales Portal

Sales Portal solutions

Sales portal benefits can be extended with many features that help to improve your sales process. The main benefits our solutions offer are:

- Real-time insight into inventory and more optimal inventory management

- Improved competitiveness with customized, up-to-date pricing

- Features for active marketing that contribute to increasing sales

- Omni-channel for web and mobile

- Multi-tenant with or without SAP

- Multi-language

- Real-time SAP-integrated webshop

The sales portal and webshop offers customers and their retailers many advantages. For example, they see a real-time inventory of the different products, so they can always inform their customers accurately. Then during the ordering process, retailers can choose to have a product delivered in the store or straight to the consumer's home. This is an example of the additional services retailers can offers their customers.

Job van Riel: "In addition, track and trace functionality is integrated in the portal, so retailers always know where the packages they ordered are in the supply chain."

The sales portal is designed so that other vendors can connect to it easily as well.

Job van Riel: "This gives retailers the ease of use and efficiency of having all their suppliers in a single portal. Moreover, we give all the companies in this sector the opportunity to benefit from the advanced multi-tenant concept that we have achieved with the help of B-Synergy and the SAP-LowCode platform OutSystems."

Provide better and more customer-oriented services while at the same time being able to use very targeted promotions and marketing. The sales portal is also very adaptable with a view to the future and highly customizable to fit your purpose. In this respect, IT no longer plays simply a supporting role, but rather is the technology that allows for business growth. 

Business-to-business webshop

The B2B webshop is a combination of OutSystems technology and realtime SAP integration. To achieve it, we use SAP-LowCode based on OutSystems. OutSystems with cloud or on premises deployment provides dedicated SAP connectors that make it possible too unlock SAP data to web and mobile applications easily.

 Germa Zijlmans - Beeztees: "Our extensive database of product and customer data is now available as a fully managed front-end for optimal ease of use."

The B2B webshop features out-of-the-box SAP integration, based on fully standard SAP functionality for material, photo, product categories, etc. However, multiple tenants can provide data even if they don't use SAP. Therefore, all the data that resides in the platform is separated to offer multiple webstores. The B2B SAP webshop solution can handle millions of pricing records, all separated and distributed to the relevant sales channel and webshop.

Omni-channel solution - B-Synergy built the the B2B webshop and sales portal to be a fully omni-channel webportal. This means that when your retailer scans products with our mobile scan app, the products will also appear directly in the webshop. From the webshop you can manage the order and send it to you. Even in offline scenarios, it is still possible to scan products, as once online the products will appear automatically in the webshop.