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How to consume SAP ODATA with OutSystems

How to Consume an SAP OData service in OutSystems. You need to:

 1)Obtain the service specification file from SAP API Business Hub

2)Consume the service in Service Studio

3)Make some final adjustments This page goes through each of these tasks. Here, in the OutSystems Forge, you can find a sample implementation of the tasks described in this topic of OutSystems SAP Integration. Obtaining the service specification Steps to obtain the service notifications are following: In the first step, you must identify the service you want to consume and download the service specification.

Do the following:

 1)Open the SAP API Business Hub.

2)Search for the service in the search box. In the example presented in this guide, we are using the "Product Master - Create, Read, Update, Delete" service from SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

3)Click the service name to go to the service page and then navigate to the Details tab.

4)Click Download Specification and select the JSON option since Service Studio supports creating services from JSON Swagger file specifications. Note: To download the specification, you must sign in to your SAP account.