What is SAP PM?

SAP PM (SAP Plant Maintenance) is a module of SAP ECC. (Enterprise Core Component) for industrial companies. SAP PM covers all important tasks in the maintenance of technical installations. These include in particular inspection, notification, maintenance and actual repair.

SAP PM is primarily intended for manufacturing companies that want to continuously monitor the current status of their technical systems and maintain a defined target status. In particular, companies that perform inspection and maintenance tasks They describe a sequence of individual maintenance tasks that a company wants to carry out before failures or malfunctions occur, can benefit from the SAP maintenance module.

It is advisable to implement SAP PM in scenarios where plant monitoring and control of maintenance tasks were previously decentralised (in distributed systems). With the module, all tasks can be centralised, leading to savings, greater transparency and an overall better condition of the assets.

Maintenance staff such as planners and technical staff usually find SAP PM less suitable because the work often consists of inspections and repairs in the field while the computer with the SAP software on it sits on a desk. For that reason, B-Synergy developed the Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform in collaboration with companies that want to optimise the use of the SAP PM module. This gives companies better insight into the costs of maintenance, but also makes it easier for technical staff to use all the functionality offered by SAP at the place where inspections and repairs actually have to be carried out.

By using the Mobile Plant Maintenance Platform for SAP, SAP PM can be fully accessed on the move without a lengthy implementation. project is required. The platform makes full use of standard SAP and is also intended to keep SAP PM as standard as possible.

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