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Working in the Netherlands as a South African

IT jobs in The Netherlands | B-Synergy

IT jobs in The Netherlands

Are you a Full Stack Software Developer from South Africa looking for a job in Information Technology abroad? You might be exactly what we need. B-Synergy is looking for English speaking colleagues with at least a bachelors' degree and a minimum of 5 years experience in .Net and Java development. As a recognized sponsor for highly skilled migrants we can apply for a residence permit for employees from abroad. So immigration to The Netherlands on a work visa comes with the ICT job at our company.

Why are we looking for employees from South Africa?

Why are we looking for employees from South Africa?

In The Netherlands there is a shortage of skilled IT people. That’s why we have to broaden our search in IT hiring. As we already have colleagues from South Africa, we know how this immigration process works. The advantage for us is that they are mostly fluent in English and understand more Dutch than most foreigners. And they love rugby! That is important because B-Synergy is the sponsor of our local rugby team.
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“B-Synergy has enabled me and my family to relocate to the Netherlands. This was a big thing for my family"

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Chris Laurie

“It’s the first time a company actually listened to what I have to say and has prioritized my development alongside their own”

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OutSystems Developer
Charise Walraven

These are 5 reasons to work at B-Synergy

career opportunities

Great career opportunities

B-Synergy Location

The location 

Innovative company

 Innovative company

Working from home

Working from home

Training & development

Training & development

Respect - Discipline - Camaraderie

Why do we love Rugby?

Rugby is all about: Respect, Discipline and Camaraderie. These three concepts are also important to us at B-Synergy. It is the basis for our company and the slogan for the Dutch rugby team we are sponsor to.

At B-Synergy we have several scrum masters within our team. A scrum master works together with a team of developers and the product owner. The scrum masters' role is to lead and coach the process. 

In rugby, scrum is also a familiar term. It's when two teams push against each other in a bended position. This is done as a restart after a small, technical foul has been committed. 

Is it coincidental or not? Perhaps B-Synergy and rugby are meant to be...

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